Forge API in mods folder?



I recently became moderator on a modded server and noticed that they have Sponge API 6.0.0, Sponge API 7.0.0 and Sponge API 8.0.0 lying around in their mods folder. They say it is needed to run plugins that require the specific version. I am relatively sure that the API’s actually do nothing in the mods folder and that sponge forge supplies everything needed. Just wanted an answer from someone who actually knows.

Thanks for the help


You are absolutely correct. Not only are they not actually doing anything, but it’s incredibly confusing (as you’ve found) to have multiple versions of Sponge. It’s even worse in this case as API’s 6, 7 and 8 are for three completely different and incompatible versions of Minecraft. I’d be curious to know what plugins they believe require this and where they got that from - if there’s something in the documentation that might need to be fixed, it’d be good to know.

For Sponge, you only need the implementation (SpongeVanilla or SpongeForge) jar, and your good to go. You should only ever have one version of a plugin installed at a given time, whether it be Sponge, Forge, or something else.