Forge Mod Loader 1.8 IS OUT!

Yes you heard correct I said Forge 1.8 is out which means lord willing sponge will come out soon as well. :smile:
I will try to keep updated on all new downloads and sponge related developments.

Click this link to download Forge 1.8

Mod edit: Forge mod loader is a small part of Forge. So no it isn’t out.


Its Latest not recommended though…

Lol I’m assuming your talking about the Forge download not my post. :stuck_out_tongue:


Neither of these are showing anything.

Forge Mod Loader is NOT forge


OH my deer! I am so sorry I’m just so excited thank you @disconsented you can delete this if you like but I will keep watching and when the really forge comes out I will make SURE to let you all know.

I have already corrected it so no real harm done

FML downloads have been available for some weeks now… It isn’t stable, but there is no major problems currently as I know.

This came out tonight: Minecraft Forge


FML for 1.8 has been out since 30th September, most people (should) know by now. Lex is looking for testers to help fix bugs.

Ooh this is new, I will be watching the progress Commits · MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge · GitHub

Yeah, topicstarter is wrong. Forge came out today, not FML

The other way round… c’mon…

Thank you @disconsented

Wait if it is not out. What is this?

Actually, yeah thats it…

And dafuq I am totally lost :cry:. For the mod I am working on, we use IItemRenderer, but that deprecated now. Anyway, did anyone already succeeded to run it? I keep getting this.

Can you use it for a server yet? If not, when does it usually happen after 1st release like this for any major Minecraft version?

If yes, can vanilla clients connect?

It is usable for server as soon as it’s usable for client, but it may be buggy. Note that it’s forge and not sponge.

According to plans, vanilla clients shouuld be able to connect.

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According to plans, vanilla clients shouuld be able to connect.

Great news. And yes I do know what Forge is.