Forge Plugin List?

I noticed that there is a Bukkit Plugins to be Ported list. Is there one for forge too?

There is currently no list.

In that case is there any plans for one to be made and if not could someone do this?

Why should anyone port Plugins from forge to sponge? Sponge requires forge and will be compatible with other forgemods.

Oh ok. That didn’t sink in until you just said it. I finally fully realize now what sponge is. It is basically a Bukkit for forge that will be server side only and not have any other dependencies but will work with other systems?

Yes, pretty much. Sponge will be a coremod for Forge.

If a server owner does not wish to run Forge for whatever reason, there are other planned third-party implementations of the Sponge API, such as Granite, that can be used.

The difference is that the SpongeAPI is consistent. Forge changes from version to version.

Also, not all Sponge implementations are based on Forge.


Finally someone that also realises that there is more than one implementation. :smile:


Why? Because depending on Forge means depending on a very unstable base. With each new major version, and often minor versions as well, a lot of breakages are made.

SpongeAPI will be an abstraction on top of Forge, or any other minecraft implementation, so you gain not only more stable code, but more portable code as well.

Yes, there will always be mods that require access to base minecraft functions, or that need the ability to interoperate with the client better. Those mods can either be mixed Sponge/Forge mods, or be wholly Forge. But for a lot of mods, there would be few downsides in my opinion to switching to SpongeAPI.

If that is the case wouldn’t it be better to develop for Sponge since it will be consistent?

Exactly. That’s what I mean.

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I neeeeeeed TT (tickthreading). Its basicly a mod that makes tiles to run assync.


Depends. Sponge is for pure serverside features, which is for one a good thing because everyone can join with a vanilla client (just like on Bukkit), but is also a severe limitation as to what you can do (e.g. you cannot add new blocks or mobs).

This makes Sponge perfect for a server tool but is not suitable for mods.

So yea, if you’re making a plugin wthat’s completely serverside, Sponge is the better way to go, but if you wanna add clientside features you’ll have to go with Forge directly (or make a jar-mod which is definitely not recommended ^^).

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Ok, thank you, now I completely understand.

Any mod/plugin which currently has versions for both Bukkit/Spigot and Forge should be capable of being ported to Sponge, which from what I’ve read here should be much easier to maintain under Sponge instead of Forge.