Forge Server Crash 1.20.1

hello, please help. me and my cousin have a forge Minecraft server (64 Gb ram and 24 cores of processing) and for some reason, the server just crashed out of nowhere in the middle of the night and won’t let us back in. It crashes with the error Server watchdog detected that a single tick took more than 60 seconds… I’ve tried disabling the feature but then when i join the server just freezes up and I am at the end of my knowledge. attached are the crash files




Watchdog errors are caused due to the either the server doing too much at once or a infinite loop. Disabling the watchdog is like putting a sticker over a warning light and calling it fixed. I.E unless your a developer running the server in debug mode, you should never disable the watchdog.

As for the issue, i personally cant see the cause, only looked at one log. But i can guarantee you its not sponge related as we dont have a 1.20 release of sponge forge.

Did you add any mods just before it started to crash? It looks like a infinite loop loading an entity

The only thing I added before this started happening is macaws lights, but none of the items related to that mod are in the world yet. What’s so weird about it is it started happening in the middle of the night when no one was even in the server

Could still be that mod causing the issue with entities loading as it could be just adding data to entities that cause entities not to load.

Could also just be a corrupted entity that another mod caused.

My next suggestion would be to copying the server (ignoring the world) to your local pc and see if it happens on a fresh world. If it doesn’t happen then it is likely a corrupt entity

ok, i will try that next and get back to you. i have simple backup running on the server so if the worst comes to worse i may be able to load that

removing the mods i had mentioned did not fix it the only thing that fixed it was creating the new world. is there any way to resolve a corrupt entity within the existing world or will i have to load a backup?

I believe there is world editors for when the server is offline. Dont know any from the top of my head though

ok, i will look and try to get that figured out. will i have to track down that entity or once i create the world in a world editor will it resolve that on its own? Sorry for so many questions im new to the world of server ownership lol

Depends on the application. The ones i used back in the day (no longer maintained) would just open the data of the world. If it cant read a particular part of the world, it would give a warning sign on the data

ok, i appreciate all the help. hopefully i will get it back up and running

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