Forgemod vs sponge plugin

Every server will be basically running forge so why should i use sponge for my plugins. What can sponge give me and forge cant?.

In most of my bukkit plugins i ended up by working with nms code, bukkit never had api for what i needed, and i felt i wold be easier if i could use forge.

Your Sponge plugin will be compatible with any server that implements the Sponge API (e.g. Granite). Your Forge or Sponge API + Forge plugin will only run on Forge.

Forge is missing a lot of events, so a lot of manual injection has to be done (i.e. coremods). At the very least, Sponge is driving that forward to the benefit of everyone that uses Forge because they are getting events implemented directly in Forge, not doing injections themselves. Documentation is also very sparse (in my experience), so how to do some things are very obscure.


Sponge can give you better communication between mods and plugins.

There will be no NMS, instead you use MCP’s remapped version. Though I’d advise against using it, because then it only works with the Forge implementation.

Hopefully there will not be a need for MCP because Sponge’s API will hopefully cover more things than Bukkit did.

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That’s still using NMS. The class/method/field names may be different, but you’re still accessing Vanilla code directly.