Forget the bad, let's think of the good - Mojang owning Bukkit

Few things I can think of:

  • Bukkit could have realm support
  • Bukkit could go to consoles when they release console servers
  • More support.

I can’t think of anything else, so post what you see as a good possible outcome or what you think about my or other person’s ideas.

Mojang has already stated that they have no intention of maintaining Bukkit. Looking at the current status, the DMCA takedown and the fact that most valued staff-members/developers moved to Sponge I doubt it’ll stay afloat.

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So dinnerbone is making 1.8 and that’s it? Didn’t hear about that, just saw Dinnerbone’s twitter post.

I agree, sure they may have a couple people there who could potentially keep it up but it was mostly the support of all the other community devs of the project that kept it afloat and you can’t just buyout a project and expect all the community devs to come with it hell most of them didn’t even know mojang owned bukkit.

That was before Wolfe claimed ownership of the project, essentially. Now he’s restricted by the DMCA against doing it.

Here’s a snippet of a chat log between Amaranth and Grum

Well I’m lacking in updates on this topic obviously, need some updating.

Ah, I see now.

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