[Forum Game] King of the Hill

So, this is actually a pretty popular forum game. You have to try to rp yourself to the top of the hill, battling many other posters. You can do almost anything, and anyone can take you off the top in whatever creative way they can. Good luck.

Let me start this off:

Cyber climbs to the top of the hill, firmly standing upon the hill as the first member of the sponge community on top of said hill. He looks down upon all those haters, and eggs their faces…

A dragon lands at the top, @cybersurvivor falls down and IDragonfire jumps at top of the hill.

(i like the topic mute button)

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I whistle at my trained dragon, and he knocks @IDragonfire off, who happened to make it to the top by sheer luck. I hop then on my mighty ride and below at @NeumimTo who seems to not grasp the concept of fun and imagination.


Falling from several meters in the sky comes @EpixPenguin. He explodes right on top of the hill making him the champion, waiting to get overthrown.

22vortex22 comes out of a portal that just appeared in the sky and completely destorys @EpixPenguin

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Then, suddenly, a wild @TnT appears…

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and blows up everybody except for The Doctor, an time traveling alien in a blue box, who is now on top.

Several minutes ago…Cyber falls off of the hill, performs a roll, and lands safely. He trudges up the hill slowly, agile, awaiting the next move of @TnT.

Grammmur fale.

No tenses FTW

@TnT Comes riding in on a majestic, powerful, fire-breathing winged pig.

Cyber shoots down the pig with his sniper rifle, and eats pork for dinner that night.

Cyber gets attacked by Chinese hackers.
Emperor takes over China.
Therefore, I am now on top

Suddenly, griefers storm the skies.

They are using cracked accounts, and are shooting fire from their ***es after eating really spicy mexican food.
Everyone totally freaks out and leaves, and the griefers just get sad and go.

(I am on top)

@TnT Tries again, but this time on a more powerful, battle-hungry killer chicken. He then reveals the name of his mighty chicken…

Cyber realizes that @epicTylev is a squid.

@epicTylev begins to drown in air (ooh so logical :stuck_out_tongue:) and cyber just stands there, watching @TnT scream at his squiden

Also, cyber unleashes the kraken. Haha, n00bs, that should buy me some time to do stupid homework >:O

@Tnt Then bans the Kraken, and forces the squid to breathe oxygen. The mighty epicTylev gloriously charges toward cybersurvivor. Cyber then turns around and runs. Tnt and the squid chase after him…

Cyber then realizes he can just call up sky and have him exterminate all living squids.

Cyber is the champion (AGAIN)

@Tnt looses a valuable asset - EpicTylev The Squid… Tnt then regroups and comes majestically riding in, with his long brown locks of glistening hair magically waving in the wind behind him, on @mbaxter, the ferocious, terrorizing cat clad in chrystal armour.

Cyber resorts to his final stand.

He presses the t key.

/op cyber_survivor
[Console: Opped cyber_suvivor]
/gamemode 1
your gamemode has been updated
/give cyber_survivor fire resistance potion 1
//sphere lava 100