[Forum Game] Rhyming Game!

Well I’m not sure if this game is already in existence but I came up with an idea:

I will come up with A word and everyone should try to rhyme it with A word not already used. When no one can come up with something after some time then We will come up with another word…

First word: You

Do. <we;oiaurgluiargbauirgag>


new record for fastest poop joke

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Rue (strict rhyming rules?)

No rules, just someone has to change the word after say 6 posts

Screw in the shoe

I live in the city of Peru.

And needed to take a massive poo

And i will make it in a zoo

Right next to the panda eating bamboo.

Whats that a cow went moo

But i shit anyway in my shoe

Then I hit some-gay, with my glue

Then that gay hit you

In a long queue

While talking to you

And eating glue

that looked very blue

rhyme it with A word not already used

Yeah! Thats true!

Me too!