"Forumatter" Script (Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey)

I saw a post a while back (don’t remember who or where) suggesting an idea for a Greasemonkey script that formats text into a link to the docs or the API docs so I’ve decided to make. Oh and please excuse the banal name.
Download page

I am currently using api["location"|"optional title"] and doc["location"|"optional title"] (See examples below) however I am open to suggestions for other formats.


  • From Information on api[scoreboard.objective.displaymode.ObjectiveDisplayModes]. to
    Information on ObjectiveDisplayModes.
  • From You can visit doc[plugin/entities/spawning|here] to learn how to spawn an entity. to
    You can visit here to learn how to spawn an entity.

Note the language for the docs is based off your browser’s set language but defaults to British English

Make sure to reply if you have found a bug or if you have any questions or suggestions.

EDIT 2: The script should actually work now.
EDIT 3: The script now works in Tampermonkey as well.
EDIT 4: The script now colours invalid formats/links that lead to 404s