Foundation API - Premium Suite of APIs

You may of already heard of Foundation. It’s a bit like Essentials for Sponge. However many people don’t know about Foundation’s extensive API package. The API includes:

  1. Economy - Create accounts, currencies, etc with ease! Currency conversion is now easy!
  2. Teleportation - self explanatory, I think.
  3. Formatting - no more confusing symbols or ChatColor.REALLY_LONG_METHOD! Simply create formatted messages!
    And many more, soon!

v1.0 is due very soon!
v1.1 is due not very soon!


Contributing: You can contribute to the repo or contact myself or Exstar.

Also, our main forum thread is "Foundation" - Common APIs and Plugin Infrastructure Manager


Oooh very nice I will be watching this :3

@disconsented :slight_smile:


Add a Jail API.

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Will you guys have the implementation packaged with the API?

@DotDash please create an issue on GitHub.
@disconsented Yes.

sorry i may be to tired, but what implementation? Sponges or foundations?
My bad if this is actually clear.

Btw. Love your foundation project

I was talking about foundrys API

Since not everything is done yet, we can’t release the API right now. I hope we can release the initial 1.0 version at Christmas. I’ll update you as soon and often as i can.
I have some contributions almost ready to commit to the API:

  • Economy (improved transactions, banking system, etc.)
  • Teleportation (@DotDash Jail managing etc.)
  • Message formatting

I’ve created a document with technical notes / explanation:
Foundation: Technical Notes - Google Docs.
It isn’t fully finished yet, but it gives enough information for now.

I see your planning an Economy api, so I will try and get people looking at this. Having a common base layer instead of 50+ API plugins would be a huge improvement.

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@modwizcode Yeah, I think Econ is done at this point except for a few little things that will be committed soon.

Looking forward to it, I’m planning on tying my port of SDFEconomy to your Econ. As soon as that’s done I should be able to make a somewhat useful port, since the plugin is simply commands, text and econ, which are pretty much all done.

@modwizcode sounds good

Economy Framework should be in Sponge… would be a lot better you create a PR for that to Sponge.

Don’t get me wrong, but we DON’T need a VAULT kind a style of plugin for Sponge.

Same goes with formatting, if your stuff is good… make a commitment to Sponge.


@DonRedhorse I agree with you. All the common bukkit API plugins are flaws bukkit never covered. This should indeed be in sponge :D. Otherwise we will end up in an API war again…

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Economy should most certainly not be in sponge. The aim of sponge is to provide a way of interfacing with the game, whilst keeping it as close as possible to vanilla Minecraft. And economy is not a vanilla thing.


But who will make the new “vault” than ?. I mean, how many people are now working on API’s on top of sponge? I totally lost it.

@thomas15v @DonRedhorse, like @TBotV63 said, economy is not a vanilla thing, and should NEVER be implemented in Sponge.
Also, remember that Foundation is not only an API, but a modular solution to Essentials. However, Foundation offers the APIs for the core modules, and evetually external plugins who want to use them. This thread is focused on the API part (for module / plugin developers).

Not necessarily Economy, but a way to hook into a publicly used Economy API.