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Due to life demands taking large priority, I may or may not be able to accept commission requests. Although you should still try to get in contact with me though, because sometimes I do have the time and energy to do them. However because I’m not going completely out of my way to do them, the only way i’ll accept commission requests is an initial private message through the forums. Thank you all for your understanding.


Hai. I’m gravityfox. I’m a developer and I write sponge plugins. I’m also a CS major at the University of California at Riverside.

I work very closely with SpongePowered and the Sponge Community Server, so I have a strong background in sponge server administration.

I also generally don’t bite, if that helps.

You can probably skip most of the stuff below and just PM me directly, but have some more info anyway.

Public Experience

I’ve written various snippets of java code for various things, but I’m probably best known around here for the plugin FoxGuard.

Which is really two plugins and a client-side CUI mod.

Active Commissions

Previous Commissions

  • FlyTime - Unpaid - Done

Work and Rates

I charge $20 USD/hr as a baseline for private plugin commissions, and $15 USD/hr for public plugin commissions, although rates are negotiable.

I will alternatively offer flat rates for specific projects on a case by case basis. If I like something enough, I’ll probably charge less for it.

You can also commission expansions to any plugins that I personally release. An expansion commision is a commission for a specific feature in one of my plugins, but the result is not a plugin by itself.
I charge much MUCH less for these kinds of commissions (like $5 USD/hr or so, depending on how out of the way it is), and will continue to get updates, bugfixes, and support at NO ADDITIONAL COST, since they become part of the plugin the expansion is for.

An example is an expansion for FoxGuard that adds specific handling for pixelmon, or redstone, or noteblocks, or whatever else you need.

Finally, if you need someone to set up any of MY plugins on your server, I do that too. The rate is $20 USD/hr, but since I wrote them, it only ever takes me a few minutes to do things.


I will do both open and closed source work. Different projects will have different terms and conditions. Please contact me for specifics.

Generally speaking, I will do small bugfixes for free, small updates for a small fee, and feature additions for a reduced charge. However, all these depend on project to project.

I take payment primarily through Link below.

While I DO take payment through Paypal, please note that if you go this route, you will need to pay a portion of the charge up front.

If you fail to pay within a period of about two weeks, I will release any private plugin commissions to the public and will not accept another commission from you until you have paid me for the previous one.


If you are looking to hire me, please do so through this freelancer link:

If you just want to ask about a commission, feel free to PM me on the forums or on IRC or wherever else you can manage to find me, although I suggest PM’s the most, as it’s the easiest and messages don’t get lost.


This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


Contacted you. Hope to here from you soon!

I’m on a temporary hiatus due to university. So I may not be able to do commissions until this coming summer.

hey i would like to aks you about a couple plugins if that is possible.
add me on discord: Foxionos#3459
cause i would like to know how much you would charce for these ideas