Free Hosting Offer

Hey guys I’ve been a bit inactive around here for a while. But I have a dedicated host sitting around collecting dust. If anyone is interested in running a server on it I wouldn’t mind having a small community server hosted for free to come on and play sometimes. I wouldn’t ask for ownership of any sorts and I am offering SSH access and I already have Pterodactyl installed. Im also willing to pay for a reasonably priced Domain Name, or you can use one of my existing domains if you’d like. The only thing that I ask is that the server uses Sponge of course! Please do not reply to this topic, PM me with your request.

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Hey, it’s Joe! :stuck_out_tongue: Getting arid of that old bleeding server?

That testing server has been down for probably a year. Figured I might as well get my moneys worth by letting someone use it to host their server.

Good point. Well, have fun.