Free Hosting?

I know it’s quite a pipe dream, but I’ve seen a few legit free hosts but with only 512MB RAM. Any REALLY free hosts? No surveys, no temporary servers.

If someone’s brave enough to try
tell me and I’ll give you a cookie.

Servers cost money to maintain, so… no, not really.

Not unless you have the right connections… :trollface:

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That website is a virus.
Redirects to a fake download site which is like a copy of virustotal with a download button.

Well, “Fake”. The site itself is legitimate (I think). The file they used is almost certainly useless, tho.

I’m super interested what that file says. CBA to do a survey.

I just went there in my VM, and they make you do some survey to download a text file… But the system is broken so it never actually works. And the stuff it links you to is all malware. Chrome was freaking out. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Aternos has unlimited ram, but only allocates enough to be seamless for the current # of players online. Also, if you aren’t using every one of the slots you set, it will be shutdown in due time.

You are also at the mercy of how many other people are also using it.

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Sure, Dude

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Well not unlimited ram, but they do have a ton (1212GB currently).

Stop using hosting, they rip you off hard (speaking out of experience (Kill Me)). Get yourself a dedicated server and do it by your own lol.

  1. Get yourself a E3-SAT-3 server and place an ubuntu LTS on it. (I just like OVH, nothing wrong
    with that right ?)
  2. Find yourself a pannel/remote tool I would recommend (will cost u some money) or remotetoolkit.
  3. Login as root, make an user adduser <name> and adduser <name> sudo and relogin with your username.
  4. install stuff you need sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre htop screen nano lamp-server^
  5. Follow whatever you want:
    • for remotetoolkit: follow instructions here.
    • for multicraft follow instructions here.
  6. At the end of this tuto you will find yourself with a server that is capable of running 4 minecraft servers with 8 gib of ram at only 60$/m.

So far I know with hosting for 60$ you get a 6gb server with 2 cores. Come on people…


Not everyone has that kind of money though.

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eww multicraft, use MineOS so much better and it’s free

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I tried mineos, and my browser kept crashing :/. It also doesn’t has a cluster mode.

60$ for a gaming community isn’t that much tho. If you know what your doing you can get that easily back with donations.

Then wait for Space-cp. Multicraft is still gross.

I didn’t say it was good. Their is just less choise …, and multicraft provides the functionality that is needed. And I also signed up for space-cp :smiley:.

true, only reason why I don’t like it is cause it doesn’t use ssl natively, and it provides ftp as opposed to sftp.

MineOS is definitely an interesting concept. Tried it once, just to check it out.

For a personal server

Beat ya :smiley:

Multicraft doesn’t has its own webserver, you have to enable ssl in your webservers config.

You can still use sftp if you want to.

  • Set the user of multicraft to an other name than minecraft on install (security for everything lol).
  • Set the password of that user.
  • Go to the config and disable multiuser. That will make multicraft make the servers under his own name instead of mc1:mc1.
  • Disable FTP.
  • Login using SFTP and click on the servers folder. WIN!

Ofc this won’t be possible if you get your multicraft pannel from a hosting service.

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