FreeBlocks - Move blocks freely outside of the coordinate system!

FreeBlocks [APIv5-SNAPSHOT]

Winner of ‘Sponge Plugin Competition - Summer 2016

Concept by koder. See his video about HalfCraft.


Move blocks. Not not by one block length to one side. Move blocks up to 1/200 length of a normal minecraft block! In every direction!

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  • freeblocks edit -> permission: freeblocks.edit
    Sets you as an editor if there currently is none. If you already are the editor it resets you to not be the editor.


Execute /freeblocks edit

Right click block

SHIFT and right click somewhere else to switch move axis

Scroll and see the magic!

SHIFT and scroll to change movement speed

Select more blocks

Deselect blocks

But how?

An ArmorStand with a Shulker and a FallingBlock as passengers. The falling block is constantly teleported to y=-1 to prevent it from turning into a block.

Known bugs

  • Water lets the FreeBlocks teleport away

Nice use of the glow as well.

Thanks! :grinning:
When there is contextual data the plugin could even support multiple players being in edit mode.

TODO: Rotation support :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. /freeblocks edit
  2. the selection, deselect, etc.
  3. /freeblocks edit
    On the area it is impossible to put blocks, impossible to break. The area is highlighted with a thin black line and slightly trembling.


Awesome plugin!

Out of curiosity, why do you spawn in a Shulker as one of the passengers?

Just a guess: To give them a solid collision-behavior? :grinning:

@Aaron1011: @Blue Yes!

I am not sure that shulkers can rotate. I have to test that.

Block placement: I hope I can add that feature to place blocks on FreeBlocks.
Break block: I have to see what I can do.

I don’t know how a black line can appear. That would mean it is a normal block…

I misunderstood the purpose of the plugin. About the flicker and black frames will make the video. [quote=“RandomByte, post:10, topic:14952”]
Block placement…Break block
Need it.

EDIT: video

The constant redrawing and shivering. It can be tedious. It is impossible to remove the blocks, even after removing the plugin. Even worldedit is not helped :slight_smile: but it was possible to walk through available blocks. How to remove blocks?

That shimmering is a known basic bug in nearly all of computer graphics called z fighting.
to fix you need to make the blocks not be on exactly the same axis.

As I said I will add removing FreeBlocks, basically turning FreeBlocks to normal blocks.
The Z-fighting(thanks @ryantheleach) is caused by Minecraft, the only thing you could try is moving one block to the side by some ‘milli-pixels’.
The video with the trembling: I can’t reproduce this behavior. Are you using Pixelmon? If yes try removing it and see if the FreeBlocks move.

no, I don’t use it

I can confirm that moving one block by 0.005 to one side resolves the Z-fighting. I’ll investigate the ‘trembling’.

I will be fixing the bugs and adding new features!

Really looking forward to

I’m currently very busy.

This looks like black magic. Would this cause any more server lag compared to normal blocks?