FTB Beyond working configuration

I am reaching out to the members of the sponge communty to ask for a bit of help with gettin sponge working with FTB Beyond. Has anyone managed to find a forge file which works correctly with the latest sponge version?

Thanks - Tog

What issue are you having when you try to run the server?

I ran the FTB forge server once to make sure all of the files had been created and were working correctly then added sponge to the mods folder however it didn’t work. Do i need to use the forge jar file off their website or can i still use the one FTB provided?

The trick is usually to get a version of SpongeForge that targets the Forge version you’re using, or an earlier one (the required Forge version is in the SpongeForge filename). You could also update the Forge version in the mod pack, but be prepared for unexpected behaviour if the changes break a mod or two. What versions are you trying to make work?

The version of Forge that ships with the pack and latest Sponge for 1.10.2 work just fine, you just have to use a patched version of AE2 or use SpongeBootstrap since Applied Energistics is not compatible with Sponge.