FTB Infinite Lite 1.10 Quantum Quarry not getting items

I have a FTB Infinite Lite 1.10 server with latest spongeforge installed.
I added Grief Prevention, Luckperms and Nucleus.
I try using the quantum quarry from extra utilities and it doesn’t provide me any items when mined.
I went to single players and the quantum quarry works fine.
Would someone help?


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Same issue FTB Beyond 1.5.3…

Hey Dude, i search a littel bit around and find some news for you and me

This happens to me in Skyfactory3.
As soon and i added power to it, the server would crash.
I didn’t use it after that and went on to use Void Ore Miner instead.

yeah me too^^ there found the main issue and there work on it…