FTB Revelations start up issues

Hi, I’m having issues starting a FTB revelations server using SpongeForge. I do not have any crash reports for the server as it never generates them. Every time I launch the server it gets somewhat through and then the process hangs. It tends to be at different points randomly. Although when I host a server without Sponge I face none of these issues so its localised to running sponge itself.

(Background on the server, Hosted on Microsoft Azure as a Ubuntu box with 4GB RAM)

I have made all the changes to FoamFix and checked if the modpack has any of the other mods in it.

At this point I’m stuck and I am not entirely sure what is wrong. any help would be much appreciated.


Could you post all the mods and versions?

As for no crash report, when the server hangs, if you have the server watchdog enabled (by default it is) after a while of hanging the server will time out and shutdown with a thread dump which can be helpful but not needed

Here, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

could you send that in text form instead of image form? the compression for a phone screen doesnt really work. just get that list anc copy (ctrl+c) and then paste it here. It means I would be able to see it on my phone

also what forge version are you using?

Hi, So this seems to have been a RAM issue it randomly made it through once so I increased the VMs RAM to 8GB and it seems to work perfectly. Seems that 4GB was just not enough. Thanks for the help anyway my dude.

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