Fun with flags episode 1

Hello guys,

Just some question/feedback about the sponge forums emojis. I was using the flag emojis (using :flag_countryid:) to link to my plugin’s translations but now that someone translated it into norwegian, I’m a little embarassed :sweat_smile:

Indeed there is just a few flag available… Would it be possible to add some more ? And just by curiosity, if you know it, where do these emojis come from ?

All the officially recognized flags are in the unicode standard, but some older OS-es only have support for a subset of 10 of them. Getting them added to Discourse would probably be a request better suited for Discourse Meta. Otherwise they could be added manually, but it would be a tedious job as I believe there are 273 of them in total :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the emoji style, I believe it is currently set to Twitter style :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer ! :flag_white: