Fusions - Pixelmon Reforged plugin that fuses Pokemon together in order to gain IVs and unique attributes

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Fusions is a plugin that brings back the ditto fusion feature from Even More Pixelmon Commands. It allows you to fuse a Pokemon with another in order to gain IVs and valuable attributes.



  • Ability to fuse two Pokemon to gain IVs, shininess, ha, and alter growth.
  • Ability to control what Pokemon can fuse, and how they can fuse (species only, shared egg group, or shared type).
  • Ability to set cooldown and cost to the command, with cost configurations to scale with number of fuses.
  • Ability to control what the Pokemon will inherit from sacrifice Pokemon, and how much IVs it will gain.
  • Optional GUI that can preview the resulting IVs and cost.


  • /fusions (/fusion, /fuse) [pokemon] [sacrifice]: If GUI is enabled, opens the GUI. If GUI is disabled, creates a fusion from Pokemon and Sacrifice arguments.


  • fusions.commands.fusion: Allows user to use the /fusions command.

A new version has been released for Fusions, it is available for download here.

Initial release

can you update and or say what version of pixelmon reforged it needed

please update it this plug-in is awesome

How do i download this plugin and transfer it in my aternos server