Future of Sponge if Minecraft goes C++

There has been talk and rumors about Minecraft eventually going all the way to the C++ codebase.

What’s going to happen with Sponge when that happens (there is probably always going to be java-legacy version, but I would suspect it stops getting updates after some point)?

There is a lot of java expertise here, but how is it with C++? Personally, I can’t even write a simple “hello world!” in C++ without referring to some manuals and still messing up - but any dummy who can read can write a simple java-program/plugin. It’s like a language made for stupid people - which is very cool because no one get’s left out.

So naturally - even though it’s still far in the future - I’m a bit worried about this development.



There is windows 10 edition writen in C++ but I don’t think the main version will be ported to C++ since that would require a complete rewrite of minecraft.


If minecraft server will be rewritten into c++ nothing really changes until mojang relases c++ modapi, which is not going to happen in a next 10 years, because mojang is busy. Creating and selling resourcepacks for xbox version is just better for them.

omg, that pic. Is M$ serious about backing the Bitlocker key up in OneDrive? :open_mouth:
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MS for Win10 is still MC:PE. Nothing more nothing less. There are currently no plans to stop development of Java-MC and maintaining MC:PE and MC:Win10 only. Also note that MC:Win10 doesn’t run on x86 platforms currently.

Even if, why not port Sponge to MC:Win10? Iirc its harder to mixin into C++ or C# but it should be somewhat possible.

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MCW10 is extremely mod unfriendly, good luck with that.

Well. I saw that there’s an MC:PE dedicated server with plugin support available.
They must have done it somehow too :wink:

Pocketmine? Could ask them but i havent seen any mention of pocketmine for MCW10.

On a side note, i found it funny that even MC:PE servers dont use official mojang servers.

Yes, Pocketmine.
Mojang talked about releasing an official dedicated server for MC:PE too.

AFAIK MCW10 and MC:PE are almost identical. Would be interesting to see if MC:W10 can connect to Pocketmine, i think that will work as they share a huge amount of sourcecode.


I’m a little bit scared, too. Mojang worked slow ever since, but I was shocked when I downloaded the 1.9 snapshot and realized that even after one year, few to nothing is finished. Mod authors did similar things in weeks. It seems that Mojang already changed their priorities…

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What we really need is a fully modularized game.
I’m thinking of the vanilla game itself beeing a mod/plugin to the core…

But that probably won’t happen in the next few years. I’m wondering too what the guys are doing all day long.
There are Searge, DB, Jeb_ and Grum_ working on MC (at least they should…).
What the hell are doing all day long? :smiley:

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Not exactly, but it was designed to be “programmer (beginner) friendly”

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Perhaps the mojang minecraft coders had spent most of their day playtesting Scrolls in order to help balance out the assets of the company :smile: But according to the announcement last month, there wont be any more worry of that happening, with Scrolls having been giving its EOL marking and 1 year to “get the hell out of here”

That should allow them more time in the year to split coding, talking about coding, and working on presentations to give at this, that and the other conference every other week…

I think it’s pretty obvious if you read their twitter feeds - They mostly swim in money and take holidays around globe and maybe drop by in New York or Paris to see a movie or two. Then if they have time they maybe visit the office and do a solid hour’s worth of coding to implement a dirt path.

Wow. The level of butt-hurt I’m feeling is pretty high.


I was going to reply basically the same thing these guys have stated with greater detail than what I can. But yea, I think the better question would be “Whats going to happen to minecraft it it goes c#”

Lets turn this thread into c# vs java hate


While we’re at it, let’s also discuss which is better: Peanut Butter or Jelly


I would but I can’t C#


How typical.
Exclude the marmalade crowd right from the start!

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Python is way better either way! Yes, we’re still talking about sandwiches.

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