Future of Sponge if Minecraft goes C++

I don’t know what it is… But Windows 10 Minecraft on max settings runs way smoother than Minecraft on 2 chunks (which doesn’t even work anymore on Win 10)

Does this change in FPS a result of C++? If so I want it to be ported in C++, even if everything has to be remade. It will give another way to learn C++

MC:PE and MC:Win10 are just optimized way better. It must be better optimized as batterydrain would be insane if it would run like Java MC.

Also note: MC:Win10 does use DirectX natively while JavaMC uses LWJGL, an OpenGL Java library. Some graphics drivers just run better with DX instead of old OpenGL featurelevels.
hint Intel, AMD/ATI hint

I managed to get 64 chunk render distance without lag. Also some guy in reddit got 255 chunk.

Both on Win10 edition.

i guess one could get Java MC to render that good too. But first:

  1. MC needs a massive overhauld of the render backend
  2. mc needs a massive overhaul
  3. mc needs a massive overhaul :stuck_out_tongue:
  4. maybe a highrt OGL featurelevel to get it render faster

and some refactoring too… :wink:

Would Apples metal be even better than OpenGL and DirectX? :stuck_out_tongue:

When using DX12, AMD’s Mantle or the next Gen OpenGL? Nope.
All if this “new” APIs were designed with resource efficiency in mind. Apples Metal too!

MCW10E is not going to be replacing the java client. MCW10E is meant to be just like pocket edition, designed to be ran on windows 10 phones and tablets. Phones and tablets don’t have the power that a PC has, therefore they would not use MCW10E as the PC version, because they would have to keep it as light as possible to run on mobile devices. I highly doubt they will recreate minecraft in C++, they have put too much time into making the current client to throw that away and remake it. Microsoft also know that the community likes the game as it is, and re-making the game would destroy a lot of the larger communities (Forge modding, whats left of the bukkit community, sponge, loss of modding = no plugins = servers begin to die). If they were to implement their own modding API, it would most likely end up being “make a DLL, compile it and throw it in” therefore it would need to be a .NET language. A lot of current modders are professional java developers or just learned java to make a mod. Therefore they would either have to learn a .NET language or stop modding. There are other examples of how this would f*** things up, but long story short, it ain’t gonna happen. We will most likely see a large update cleaning up the inefficiencies and bugs that notch has left in since he started the game (because he is an idiot) however, and we may see them change to a different implementation of other graphics libraries to bring the quality of the game up to scratch.


Mantle in a microsoft game? All you can except is a big mess called d3d

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Well, only because the client is in C++ doesn’t mean the server must (should) be.

Pocketmine is written in PHP. A server for MC:Win10/PE could still be Java though. For example Dragonet is written in java: https://github.com/DragonetMC/Dragonet

C++ and C# are as different as C++ and Java. C# and Java are influenced by each other, both running on a vm, both aren’t low-level languages.

Mojang had the same idea. Once the ModAPI is realized, vanilla features become plugins.

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I don’t think that you got what he meant. :wink:
If it was a joke: i’m sorry, didn’T get it.

Interesting. Pocketmine is PHP? VERY interesting :smile:

Yes, look here: GitHub - PocketMine/PocketMine-MP: Legacy PocketMine-MP repository. Head to https://github.com/pmmp for up to date software.

Here you go

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()
   cout << "Hello World";
   return 0;

What JavaMC needs is a JavaMC 3.0. Skip the 2.0 edition, cuz Microsoft, and then have an entire rewrite of MC, from the ground up, eliminating as much of the spaghetti code as possible. While rewriting from the ground up, create it with the ModAPI in mind, so that we have a fully integrated, non-spaghetti code API, and a much more stable and efficient MC.

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If they do that I hope they release the 1.0 source :slight_smile:

If you want to look at it, MCP is your friend. I don’t know what else one would want with it…

What frightens me the most is that nobody can tell for sure that microsoft will keep funding the java version of minecraf :cry:. And if they are also like. Upgrade OR! They can just take down the legacy login servers to kill the “old” java game.

(dramatic enough?, its derailed anyway xD)

Well, we shall C, right?
(ok ok, I’m sorry… ;))


Alright let’s calm down for a second.

One: The likelihood of Mojang agreeing to a complete rewrite of MC in C++ or C# is very low. They aren’t C programmers.

Two: Even if M$ did decide to kill the login servers, there are other ways to do authentication. In fact, if you drop by the plugins section on this very discourse forum, you’ll see there’s an alternate login plugin already up.

Three: The open Minecraft community will never die. I’ve played games far smaller than this behemoth that lasted a decade after their “planned lifetime” was supposed to be over.

Life… uh… finds a way.


For the record, I was fueling the drama :stuck_out_tongue:. Also the necro is real …

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