Fuzzy posts

Whenever I mouse-over a post the text becomes fuzzy for a moment and turns back normal. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there a way to disable that?

Running Chrome Version 38.0.2125.58 beta-m

Currently not getting this issue on both of my monitors(1st is 1080p, 2nd is old 4:3 TV).

Running Chrome Version 37.0.2062.103 m

I’ll take a video maybe it’ll show what I mean

Couldn’t do a video for multiple reasons but I managed to catch it in image form. Top is normal and below it is what happens quickly when I mouseover a post.

For me, the issue is there, but its a lot harder to see. In the pictures I can see the difference, it looks like its related to how the options fade in and out for each post.

I bet it has to do with the visual transition of the Like, Link, Flag, Bookmark, Reply bar fade effect.

I don’t have this issue in IE11.

Seems to be due to the way Chrome does compositing during transitions. Not much I can really do about this.