Gamble Plugins

Ghello spongies and sponge-plugin-devs i’m here to request a bunch off plugins or features for 1 plugin!

So Gambling!

Everyone loves Gambling right? so i came up with this:

Dice: Everyone who played runescape know’s the dice bags! this time i dont want to see Dice Bags

It would be cool to see npc’s being the host off this Game for information:

So i want the user off the plugin being able to choose out off those options:

Die (4 sides)
Die (6 sides)
Die (8 sides)
Die (10 sides)
Die (12 sides)
Die (20 sides)
Dice (2, 6 sides)
Dice (up to 100)

Next that i want to request:

Hot/Cold also know as H/C again a sort of runescape gamble

An NPC should be hosting this

A user places a bet same as on the Die’s then chooses weither Hot or Cold then the npc sais the outcome to the user who placed a bet,

also for the way off the betting the builder off the gamble game should choose out off all options shown above then lets say for the Dice the owner/creator of that gamble npc chose 55x2, Then he has to chose
The min and max bet wich can be placed example: 5K (5000) as min and 60K (60000) as max when the user did place his bets for example 50K (50000) and the dice goes above 55 then the bet will be paid out x2 wich makes us calculate 50Kx2 = 100K

For the H/C game it also would be cool to see it like the dice i explained above :slight_smile:

Hope someone is able to do this :cold_sweat:

That would be cool, I suppose.

You could make it a little more abstract; have the ability for players to make a “gamble”, name the condition or the moderator, and then bet amount. The other party(s) could then accept/deny it, and thus moves forward.

Conditions could be dice, a statistic (deaths/kills/etc. from that instance forward), etc. Or, again, it could be “hosted” by a “gameble moderator” which would then hand out the victory to whoever “wins”. (And could possibly get a 5% cut or something :stuck_out_tongue: )

nah what i meant is a npc who holds the gambles like lottery’s are being held in certain servers :slight_smile:

all the info about dice’s are in the wiki link i posted the dice up to 100 was being used in runescape to host 55x2’s wich made gambling popular and banned out off the game wich frustrated me since that was the only way i made money :confused:

So i want to take those gamble games into the world of minecraft to feel confortable again :slight_smile: so the games being held by npc’s or the option to make a gamble rank for donators to held gambles those are good ideas :slight_smile: willing to see something like this appearing in a plugin i made a program like that in ahk but wtf ahk and minecraft? whats the point of having a ahk script doing stuff a plugin can do better?

Just so you know, that’s against the EULA. The only things you are allowed to put for donators are cosmetics.

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thats not realy against the EULA coz if this was against the EULA then lots off servers are already breaking it :wink:

Warps: Warps aint count as cosmetics,
Certain Commands, Certain commands “as some pixelmon servers use for donators only: EVS/IVS”
Prison Servers, Acces to certain Areas only for donators ‘Aint count as cosmetics’ :wink:

Anything that gives players some kind of advantage over others is against the EULA, whether other servers do it or not.

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Yes, that is against the EULA, regardless of what other servers do. You can allow the sale of cosmetics, you can use a paid whitelist for the entire server, you can allow one person to buy a noncosmetic if everyone on the server gets it as well at the same time in the same way. Anything else is illegal. Have a read of the ‘server monetization’ section here.

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why making a problem out off it that where just ideas -.-

Because the law is important, and we don’t want anyone to get in trouble…

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ok i came up with some new ideas:

so there are 2 options either both can be used

if there is a player vs gamblehost wagger the better should be typing /PlaceWagger or /PW < money amount > < GambleHostName >

Note: This is for the dice game
after the bet is placed the Gamble Host has to type: /gamble roll after that both the host and the user who placed a bet receive a message wich could look like this: GambleHostName rolled < outcome > if the dice rolls higher than the chosen number by the GambleHost it will automatically payback the multiplied money if the dice rolls lower than the chosen number by the GambleHost the host keeps the money

same for the hot/cold

/PW < money amount > < GambleHostName > < choise >

example: /PW < money amount > < GambleHostName > hot

then the GambleHost has to type /hc start

then both receive a message with the outcome

if the message is “hot” while the user who placed a bet on “hot” the money will be payed out while being multiplied

if he said cold and the outcome is hot the money will stay on the hosts ballance idk wich iconomy plugin is working good for this so :smiley: it would be gr8 if it just connects to anny icono plugin it could find