Game Crash on startup (Custom Modpack)

Hey, I have recently been working on my server mods to help with lag some users are having and after switching around a few mods and deleting some I keep getting this crash log, I am using fabric 1.19.2 and saw that this is for forge? idk why it is giving the error but here is the log. any help is really greatful as currently i am stumped.

This is the crash log ^

Yep so sponge is either built into vanilla or for forge.

What your seeing is Mixins which is a small part of Sponge that is built into fabric. Sadly due to the nature of mixins, we cannot control how other mods handle how other mods handle mixins.

Based on your crash report it is this mod




Best option is to take a look at this mods page, see if there is a fix, if not then report it to the developer (they will typically help out)

its not any of those, its charm’s fault (scroll down halfway)
see Crash after removing the "Arcanus: Legacy" mod. · Issue #901 · svenhjol/Charm · GitHub