[GAME] Make-A-Product

Using three words or less, create a product that could be sold by a company! Make it as weird as you can!

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Frog Flavoured Fertilizer



Slapin’ Good OJ

Crazy Weird Retarso’s

Incendiary Chewing Flard

Explosive Chewing Gum

electric zap lego set
(Please excuse my “set” for the three word limit, as it is part of the word lego tech.)

Tesla Coil Toothbrush

Apple Flavored Flower.

Riot-proof Eggnog


banana flavored banana

appley apple apple

@The_Doctors_Life My mind was blown!

Kodkod groomanator 3000

sauerkraut flavored salmon

Zapping Gate Obscurer

Flying Elephant Ninjas
(A service )

Vomit Covered Comet Baby Brain Nose Tacos
(IT’s exactly as it sounds like :3)

(a can of) Cinnamon Flavoured Vinegar