[GAME] That moment when


That moment when he removed it :’(


That moment when no shits are given.


That moment when your little sister is using your laptop and asks “What does formatting C drive mean?”


That moment when I can’t stop making memes

Ayy lmao


that moment


That moment when you finally get around to changing your laptop’s BIOS settings to disable the need to hold the Fn key for the Function keys.


That moment when you necro post


That moment when a git rebase spectacularly failed

<Spongie> [SpongeDocs] R​obertHerhold pushed 197 commits to textRepresentations: http://git.io/vzfPk

No repos were harmed during the filming of this quote. It got better.


That moment when this ^ happens and you screw your own branch up just seconds after it happened.


By “It got better”, do you mean it was fixed, or it got funnier?




Let me guess… More rebase fails?


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Erm… that doesn’t seem to work… But I clicked it! Do I get access now?


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That moment when you encounter this (see below):

Translates to:
The videos owner hasn’t provided the video for your country. We’re sorry.


That moment when you forget to move your VPN location and also get your videos blocked by GEMA and Vevo.


That moment when you necro


That movement when you leave a Minecraft server running in the background (stopped at a breakpoint) while you use your computer, just in case.


@Aaron1011 that moment when it’s 7 months later and you’re still necro’ing.