[Game] The 2 users above you are battling, choose one to side with

Hey guys, so the tittle pretty much says it all, but in case you didn’t understand, here is an example.

User 1: Bob
User 2: Marc
User 3: Dave
User 4: Alex

Dave chooses to side with Marc, then Alex has to choose to side with Marc or Dave, and so on…

Wait two users to post after you before you post again

I’ll need a volunteer to start with.

I volunteer as tribute.


Latouth won the battle because he added my plugin name claim to the list ^^

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I side with @thimovss because he has a more awesome name

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" I volunteer as tribute. - Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) "

I side with @MoseMister because only @Latouth has been chosen so far.

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Why you gotta be so RUUUUUUUDE?


Because I do what I must because I can.

I side with @Ninniy because I trust myself.

I side with @Latouth because i trust myself!

I side with latouth because he gave me a good name for my site

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I side with @IcyRelic for saying I have him good name for his minecraft server list website. (craft-status.com am I right?)

*Don’t post again before 2 users have already posted, that is so you can’t choose yourself.

I side with IcyRelic because Latouth posted several times :stuck_out_tongue:

I side with @Latouth
Because he’s awesome.

I side with @Sinkas cause he has more then just a letter as an icon!

I side with Code because of HAAAAX!

I side with @thimovss again because of his awesome name and the fact he didn’t say anything lame like “HAAAX”

I side with @MoseMister because yellow.

I side with @DotDash because of his sponge.

I side with myself because myself.

I side with Latouth because I’m awesome.