GameKow - A King of the Water minigame

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Game King of The Water

The goal of the minigame is to gather points by pushing players from the water.
The game can be played with 2 to 6 players and they can leave and start when they want.
To join the game players need an empty inventory and can do /kow join [map name] if they don’t specify the map name they will join the first game.
When they join they will receive a knockback 1 stick and a color to be recognized easy.

Here is a video of some gameplay:



If you want to use my arena download it here from github its in a schematic format.
If you build a area yourself I advise you to use worldedit in //fast mode so the water doesn’t flow.

To setup the arena
use /kow admin and select Create new uppon clicking you will get a command that you have to replace <name> with the game name like default
after running the command you will get a list like this:

List in red

You fly to the point where you want to set it and click on the text, it should turn green and say Okay.

After setting all the locations click on save the arena should now be added to /kow list


Command Permission
/kow join gamekow.join
/kow list gamekow.join
/kow leave gamekow.leave
/kow admin gamekow.admin

I played this a bit with the author and can say it’s a fun and challenging game to play!


The difficulties of translation. Could you point to the scheme where:

So the way the plugin works is that you need 2 boxes
the play box needs to be inside the area box (area is always biggest box)
play is where pvp is enabled and where you actually play the game
area is where you are inside the game, this is how the game knows that someone ‘died’ if they leave this area

so for the area I provide this would be the situation:

I hope this makes it more clear!

Thanks …

I have trouble


Oh i’ll patch it in the next update
a temporary fix is making sure than the CORNER_XXX_1 is lower than 2 and setting the _1 as the lowest

They are below 2 but I always get an error. Maybe there is a video of the creation of the arena?

Here is a video:

I do the same thing. But I always have a save error.

Edit: I deleted the config and it worked.

A new version has been released for GameKow, it is available for download here.

Game King of The Water

  • Added new game type: FreeJoin (old type is Classic)
  • Freejoin allows players to join when they walk in, or leave when they walk out. They don’t get a colour but will be randomly spawned. Between leave and join the stats are retained for a while.



question is there an update video on how to set this up because it seems like from the video you make to now it doesnt work setting it up and i went from spot to spot and clicked when i went on every spot you did and it just gives me that error they showed you before. Please can you do a update or come show me what i need to do to set it up on my server