Gameshark 1.12.2 - 5.2.0b Is not Working on my Server (when Sponge is installed)

First : Pixelmon Mod Information I made a ticket on Pixelmon if you need something i have screenshots and a server Log there.
Well the Problem is that the Pixelmon sidemod Gameshark is not working if Sponge is installed, yes i tried to reinstall and the ‘right’ Forge Version but Gameshark only workes without Sponge and now i need help if anyone can help me here.
If you want a new server log (becouse im reinstalling the server right now) than just ask me i can send screenshots also.
This Gameshark ‘bug’ is for every player and in single player it works totally fine.

Did you ever figure out a way to fix this?

This is a little late but I figured out the solution. You go into Gameshark config in the server folder and change the confiq. In the first row it says “enable false” change it to “enable true” and now it should work.

I have my own server also, Gameshark is set to true. When people log in Gameshark lines/boxes that lead you to the boss/leg/pokeloot stuff like that shows up on the screen for about .5 seconds and turns off. It will keep doing this over and over.

I have the same issue of constant flashing. However, it worked fine for about a week before now.

I need a solution for this as well, now over another year later with no info on the topic.