⚙ UltimateCore - The Best Essentials Plugin! (API 7, MC 1.12)


Are you using a language other than english?
Try selecting the english language file, if so.
Try resetting your english language file if the problem persists.


Hi, Bammerbom
i’ve noticed that UC breaks the sponge help menu, it stops you from clicking on the arrows to change the page of the help. Here is a dump of the server log: https://pastebin.com/wKrKVY4v


Hi there,

Can this plugin offer the ability to have different inventories on different worlds?
Also, can the portals bring a player from world to world?

Thank you.


I currently don’t have the time and don’t feel like maintaining UltimateCore
It costs a lot of time with the constantly changing sponge api to maintain such a big plugin
If you want a working plugin, use Nucleus.
I might bring a update out later to fix stuff, but don’t expect it soon.


Sad news, I will stay with nucleus as adviced.


In our continuing effort to phase out the Plugin Releases category, this thread is being locked because the plugin is already listed on Ore.

Check it out: https://ore.spongepowered.org/Bammerbom/UltimateCore