⚙ UltimateCore - The Best Essentials Plugin! (API 7, MC 1.12)

Features spotlight

Teleporting: Teleport, Homes, Warps & Spawns
Server management: Chat formatting, Modified server list
Modular: All commands and features are bundled into modules which can be turned on and off independently
Customisable: All messages are configurable and you can configure modules just like you want
Support: UltimateCore is fully open-source. We treat all issues with care and accept pull-requests.

Links & Notices

Github: https://github.com/Bammerbom/UltimateCore
Documentation: https://github.com/Bammerbom/UltimateCore/blob/master/docs/home.md
Problems & Support: For problems and bugs create an issue here. For other support PM me on the forums or leave a message below.
Discord: https://discord.gg/ymEQE3s
External Connections: This plugin sends data to bstats. You can disable this in the general.conf. The geoip module also connects to an external database, you can disable this by just not using the module.
Donations: I spend a lot of free time in programming. Donations are always welcome at paypal.


For problems and bugs create an issue here. For other support PM me on the forums or leave a message below.


These downloads should work on api 5 to api 7
Downloads are available at Github: https://github.com/Bammerbom/UltimateCore/releases


What do you guys think about UltimateCore? I would love to get your feedback!

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cool, but only if you can replace group manager as well. make sure that the uuid’s will be for plugins only!

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You can use PermissionsEx instead of groupmanager.
And what do you mean with uuids for plugins only?

First off I like group manager for it’s simplicity and easiness to use, as far as only for the plugins make it so we can easily identify players by their username even when it changes, but make it so plugins don’t see the username portion just the uuid.

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You can just use Groupmanager for Ultimatecore, I just dont like it.

I was talking about for sponge not bukkit, also you asked for what people thought and this is what I think. besides this rewriting group manager as long as it is easy to use, it makes things easy for newer server owners.

Oh, wow. From what I’ve read so far this seems like a great alternative to essentials. I wish I had known about it when I was starting my server.

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Currently converting from essentials to ultimatecore is hard, because of lost homes and warps. But I am currently rewriting the plugin, and I am including a way to convert essentials data to UltimateCore.

It’s announcement, not announchement.

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Edited, thank you.

English is not my main language.

this is 222 days old… is this still in development?

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According to GitHub he is still updating it. Whether it be for testing, bukkit or personal use. We may not know until he comes out and mentions something about it. It’s kinda weird for me to post on this, since I have a plugin that does pretty much exactly the same thing.

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Yes it is still active and I am developing it for Bukkit.
I am planning to start the porting to sponge soon.

ahh cool, looking forward for its release

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MODS: Please move this to WIP plugins.

Though I’m not a mod, I’ve moved it for ya.

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Ty :smile:


Any chance this is in the works now?

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Nope, the api is not complete enough yet.