💎 MightyLoot [v2.1][API 5] - TreasureHunt-like plugin


Refering to the things you sent me that refer to the potential spawning locations. What i mean is be able to set a point in game where that radius goes out. Right now that point is the origin of the game the 0,x,0 to what ever the max and min. But what if i wanted to make the potential spawn radius around a different predetermined point?

Also what i mean for care package drops is that multiple chests spawn instead of one? And you can make that toggleable


Support translation of messages into other languages. Now try to download it again. An error occurred while eating an enchanted Golden Apple.




Currently, the area in which the loot may spawn is a rectangle, represented by the min/max x/y/z. You’d like to be able to have circular (cylindrical to be more precise) area type ?


That issue is not due to MightyLoot. As you can see here

at com.helion3.safeguard.listeners.InteractBlockListener.onOpenInventory(InteractBlockListener.java:60) [InteractBlockListener.class:1.0.0-beta+unknown-b0.git-unknown]

It is caused by SafeGuard.


Maybe. I did that for Nations but that’s a lot of long, repetitive and boring work :sleepy:

But I’ll probably do it once the plugin has more or less all features completed.


I want to be able to walk to a point and do a command to center the region at that point.


I’ll see what I can do. I’ll probably add commands to edit that type of config related stuff in-game.


Has this project been abandoned?


Thanks for your interest in MightyLoot. The project is still active even though I didn’t commit very much to the depo recently. In fact, the plugin can be considered “finished” as all the major features have been implemented. There is still some little work to do though (adding minor features such as in-game config editing).

I’ll also update the plugin for SpongeAPI v5 when it’ll be a little more stable.


Oh, alright great. I had some second thoughts putting it into my server due to it not having been updated as of recently, but it it’s finished then I will definitely have to try it out. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the quick response.


I think that chest inventory’s might be implemented but I’m not 100% sure.


Don’t hesitate to give any feedback on the plugin once you’ve tested it out. Also I must admit that the default config gives quite generous loots, you’ll maybe have to reduce the quantity.

The only issue the plugin has is the fact that config can only be reloaded with a server restart :sweat:


I love the plugin so far. I plan to use it on my server tonight!


Thanks for nice words ! Don’t hesitate to give ideas of features you’d like to see implemented :wink:


IMHO requiring mightyloot.command is a mistake. Most people if they are using PEX or similar won’t understand this also grants all permissions related to the plugin.

  1. How to set the center of the circle of the appearance of the loot?
  2. Why not removed the unfound loot? Chests remain.
  3. The chests appear roughly in one area. Should be finished randomly.
  4. Idea. Make it difficult to obtain loot. For example, you add guards protection (skeletons, witches and zombies).


I also think this is not intuitive. It is so because I use the high level command api, and gave the permission mightyloot.command to the top level command. I’ll see if there’s another way to do it.

  1. The appearance area is currently only rectangular. You can edit that in the config.

  2. If chests don’t disappear, that’s an issue. I’ll look further into this. [EDIT] The plugin uses the setblock command to destroy the chest because the sponge way made the content stay on the ground. So chests are supposed to disapear.

  3. The random spawn algorithm is here. It chooses a spot absolutely randomly and check if chest can spawn there, until it finds a good one. I don’t see any possible improvements.

  4. Good idea ! I’ll keep that in mind.


It only removes glowstone.