💎 MightyLoot [v2.1][API 5] - TreasureHunt-like plugin


MightyLoot is a plugin similar to TreasureHunt. It periodically spawns chests (called “loots”) containing random predefined items. If the loot is not found within a predefined time, a new loot spawns and the old one is deleted.

There are different loot types that don’t have the same items. Therefore you can have themed loots (food, mining stuff, equipment etc).

You can currently configure :

  • The time needed for a loot to spawn
  • In which worlds and areas in worlds the loots can spawn
  • What are the different loot types
  • What items can be found (as well as their quantity) in a loot of a certain type

:floppy_disk: Downloads

:flag_black: Translation

The plugin supports translation. It automatically generates a file named language.conf in its main folder. You can modify this file to translate the plugin. I’m currently searching for translators. Any translation would be very appreciated.

You can get translations here. For now we have

Big thanks to our nice translators

:gear: Issues

Please report any bug or give your ideas on the github issues or here in the sponge forums thread (github preferred).

:wrench: Source

See the Github Repository

:computer: Commands

Here is the full list of commands

/mightyloot (or /ml)

/ml hunt - gives you your distance to the loot in this world
/ml find - (admin) gives chest location
/ml spawn [world] - (admin) forces the spawn of a new loot
/ml cancel [world] - (admin) removes the loot from a world

:gear: Permissions

Here is the full list of permissions


Those are the permissions that should be given to standard players


:gift: Default loots

Here are the default loot types and their items. You can fully change that in config file.

  • Mine Loot
coal between 32 and 128
diamond between 4 and 16
dirt between 0 and 128
emerald between 2 and 12
flint between 0 and 64
gold_ingot between 10 and 32
gravel between 0 and 64
iron_ingot between 32 and 128
redstone between 0 and 256
stone between 64 and 256
  • Food Loot
bread between 64 and 256
cake between 0 and 16
carrot between 16 and 32
fish between 16 and 32
melon between 16 and 32
potato between 16 and 32
pumpkin between 0 and 64
reeds between 0 and 64
  • Goldish Loot
gold_block between 4 and 16
gold_ingot between 32 and 128
gold_nugget between 64 and 256
  • Materials Loot
brick_block between 64 and 128
dirt between 64 and 128
glass between 64 and 128
log between 64 and 128
obsidian between 0 and 64
sand between 64 and 128
stone between 64 and 128
  • Mob Loot
blaze_rod between 0 and 64
bone between 0 and 64
ender_pearl between 0 and 32
ghast_tear between 0 and 16
gunpowder between 0 and 64
rotten_flesh between 64 and 128
slime_ball between 0 and 32
spider_eye between 0 and 64
string between 0 and 64
  • Nether Loot
glowstone between 32 and 128
nether_brick between 64 and 384
nether_wart between 0 and 64
netherrack between 128 and 256
quartz between 128 and 512
soul_sand between 0 and 128

Love the idea. Had a question. Does this work with mod items, such as pixelmon?

Sponge is designed so that all the APIs work with mods (as best as possible). There is a 99.9999% chance this plugin supports mod items. (Developers don’t have to do anything special to make plugins compatible)

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Indeed. Since chest inventory manipulation is not yet implemented (it isn’t right ?), the plugin makes the console perform a setblock cmd to spawn the loot.

So as long as the setblock cmd supports modded items, it should be alright. And even though I’m pretty sure it does, I’d rather have confirmation from someone who is sure of that :sweat_smile:

Any plans to have multiple loots spawn like a Care package drop kind of thing in other servers? I think that would be nice so we can edit the amount that spawn and hopefully be able to set a point where the range the chests can spawn. Also a reload command of the config would be nice. Just some suggestions. Love the plugin already!

Good day! If you beat on any block, then this error occurs: http://pastebin.com/9SYMK9Pm
Without MightyLoot-1.0.jar the error does not appear.

I guess you can make loot spawn in surface and not underground (see below)

In config file you have something like this

worlds {
    world {
        lootTypes {

So you can have per-world loot config (using names of loot pre-defined above in config file) and you can precise spawning area using minX, maxX etc. You can set minY and maxY so that loot spawns at the surface.

You’re totally right, I’ll work on that very soon. :smile:

Ah you’re right… Fixing the issue :sweat_smile:

MightyLoot Release v1.1

Targets SpongeAPI v4.0.3


  • Fixed issue in InteractListener

While eating, the bug is still there :slight_smile:

Do you plan to add localization support? Heard that are working on the localization api, but I would like to have the possibility of localization now :slight_smile:

Strange, that works fine with me. I’ve updated the jar released, maybe I uploaded a wrong one. Try again with this one.

By localization support, you mean being able to get the loot position (for admins to tp for example) ? If so there’s the /ml find command. What localization api ? :open_mouth: I’m interested.

Refering to the things you sent me that refer to the potential spawning locations. What i mean is be able to set a point in game where that radius goes out. Right now that point is the origin of the game the 0,x,0 to what ever the max and min. But what if i wanted to make the potential spawn radius around a different predetermined point?

Also what i mean for care package drops is that multiple chests spawn instead of one? And you can make that toggleable

Support translation of messages into other languages. Now try to download it again. An error occurred while eating an enchanted Golden Apple.

Currently, the area in which the loot may spawn is a rectangle, represented by the min/max x/y/z. You’d like to be able to have circular (cylindrical to be more precise) area type ?

That issue is not due to MightyLoot. As you can see here

at com.helion3.safeguard.listeners.InteractBlockListener.onOpenInventory(InteractBlockListener.java:60) [InteractBlockListener.class:1.0.0-beta+unknown-b0.git-unknown]

It is caused by SafeGuard.

Maybe. I did that for Nations but that’s a lot of long, repetitive and boring work :sleepy:

But I’ll probably do it once the plugin has more or less all features completed.

I want to be able to walk to a point and do a command to center the region at that point.

I’ll see what I can do. I’ll probably add commands to edit that type of config related stuff in-game.

Has this project been abandoned?