Get potion and cancel if specific potion?

How can i get the potion the player is trowing (Check if is Splash Potion and get Type) and cancel if is specific type?

I trying this but i cannot know how to get the potion, and dont know if this the correct event too :confused:

    public void onPotionSplash(LaunchProjectileEvent event) {
    	if (event.isCancelled()) {
    	if (event.getCause().first(SplashPotionData.class).isPresent()){


You’ll want to call event.getTargetEntity() and check if it is an instanceof ThrownPotion

Uh, i forgot to use TrownPotion.

TargetType is the target, in case, not the potion right?

Maybe using this i can get the potion:

if (event.getCause().first(ThrownPotion.class).isPresent()){
    		ThrownPotion potion = event.getCause().first(ThrownPotion.class).get();

But i didnt find a way to get the potion type.

If I’m not mistaken, it should look like this:

    public void onPotionThrow(LaunchProjectileEvent event) {
        if(event.getTargetEntity() instanceof ThrownPotion) {
            ThrownPotion potion = (ThrownPotion) event.getTargetEntity();
            Optional<List<PotionEffect>> listOptional = potion.get(Keys.POTION_EFFECTS);
            if(listOptional.isPresent()) {
                List<PotionEffect> effects = listOptional.get();
                //Do stuff with the effects

However, as far as I know, LaunchProjectileEvent is still unimplemented.

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Thanks! I will test :slight_smile:

Did this ever work? I’ve tried using the LaunchProjectileEvent in a basic listener, but it doesn’t work.

public void onPotionThrow(LaunchProjectileEvent event) {