"Get Sponge" on forums navbar drop down differs from SpongeHome

On the navbar drop down on the forums, the download option shows up as “Get Sponge” instead of “Downloads” on SpongeHome. I am not sure of the intended option as it shows up as “Get Sponge” on the docs and Ore as well. I believe one should be decided on to go with across all services, my opinion is that “Downloads” is the better option, but I am not sure.

Also, the download option of Ore and SpongeHome both lead to the new downloads page on SpongeHome while the option on the docs and here on the forums lead to a forum post by Owen. I am assuming all of these are supposed to point towards the new downloads page by @Minecrell on SpongeHome found here.

I’ve already made a few issues about this.




And the future website login, SpongeAuth:

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