Getting a generic error when uploading a JAR

When I try to upload a JAR through the “New Project” function, I select the jar file, the signature file, everything seems to be working fine and then I get a generic “Ore is experiencing difficulties.” error.

I suspect this might be a problem with my JAR or the signature, but I really have no way of knowing…

Can you send me the plugin you’re trying to upload?

Hi, thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay. I’m currently on a vacation and the JAR is back home on my desktop. I’ll try to upload it again when I get home and if it still isn’t working I’ll let you know.

Hiya @Katrix, I’ve tried uploading the plugin again and it still isn’t working.

You can get the jar here, the signature here and this is my public key if you want to check… (I’ve checked and it seems to be signed correctly but who knows…)

If you could find a few minutes of your time to look at it that would be great…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try adding a version to the file. Also, bundling netty in that way is not going to end well.