Getting a worlds UUID?

Hey, talking to a server administrator who is trying to set up a plugin, but it’s asking for the world UUID.

What is the easiest way for a user/admin to get the UUID for a Sponge world? I get that this would be a pretty simple command to make for a plugin, But if the Sponge GenericArguments take a UUID as a world identifier, shouldn’t there also be a way to provide the UUID’s to the user, or at least list the current worlds that the server knows about?

I think a better question is why an uuid is required. While uuids are great and all that, typing one manually isn’t so great.

The other option is to have disambiguation revolvers, prompt for which world they meant, and then disambiguate by showing them the UUID’s which they don’t know which is which?

The other option would be to use the storage directory location, which admins are more likely to be familiar with, but those can be renamed, changed, which is why the UUID’s are exposed to plugins in the first place.

So unless you propose replacing it with a human readable unique id, I don’t really understand what option there is left.

If the plugin isn’t a world manager plugin I would never prompt the player to give an uuid or world name. Instead the plugin should refer to the world the player is executing the command from.
But a list of worlds their uuids provided by a sponge command would be nice.

IIRC takes a world name, not a world UUID.