Getting player's location?

I find it kind of odd that there is no way to find the location of a Player class in the game. This is, in my view, one of the most important parts of modding, so why hasn’t it been made yet?

It’s just not ready. It’s still important to make a list of missing features.
A method to get a player’s UUID is also missing.

@Soren That’s only the position, but you can’t get the world.

noticed that after I posted

Okay, thanks. I was just wondering if anyone else had come up with a solution or something.

I just added a static dummy class for missing sponge features. Later I will replace it.

“return 256”

Maybe get the config world height?

It’s a dummy class. It was an example of a placeholder to use for development purposes and not for production use. Obviously stuff like this will be changed when Sponge API is finished.