Ghostly Memory Leak

I am having an issue with a memory leak that apparently does not exist even though it clearly does and causes massive stability issues.

The server will spike up to 6 GB of ram in either 5 minutes or 5 hours, more often minutes then hours. If I run a jmap heap dump the dump shows a maximum usage of 1 or so GB with nothing out of the ordinary. After the jmap is done creating the file and the server resumes ram usage is magically under 1 GB every single time. If I do not do the dump it will continue to increase memory usage until it crashes.

There are three other servers on this box in other VM’s and none of them have an issue, one of them running the same exact version of sponge on a VM that is built from the exact same template.

If I download the server from the VM and run it on my windows machine, the issue is gone. Even though I use the same exact version of java and run the same exact java arguments.

The problem exists only as long as I don’t look to see what the problem is. How do you diagnose an issue like this?

Was Psi. Specifically Psi, SlotTransactions, and HashMap$Node.