GigaChat - simple and cool chat plungin goes brrr

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Simple and powerful chat plugin for SpongeForge.


Plugin creator (Bruhsty) is a lasy sh_i, so if you want get the latest version, visit project github

Project status:

Type of components Current deployment status Estimated release date
Local/global chat :white_check_mark: Released
LuckPerms support :white_check_mark: Released
More permission plugin support :bulb: In near future
Configuration file :white_check_mark: Released
Custom event messages :test_tube: Released
  • :white_check_mark: - Stable release
  • :test_tube: - Unstable release (Experemental)
  • :construction::building_construction: - In active development
  • :x: - Not supported yet
  • :bulb: - Just an suggestion

A new version has been released for GigaChat, it is available for download here.


Closed issue #7. I didn’t tested it soooo… use it on your own risk.


If you want get the latest version of plugin CHECK MY GITHUB!!