Github gives free stuff for students!

I thought to let this be known :smile:.


Only in US. :frowning: I am in France.

Akward, It worked with a (belgium). Just try your school mail should work.

Really? Even secondary school? (I don’t even think my school has an address for me) :smile:

I have been having allot of fun with Travis and Digitalocean

looks like it is everywhere, i think the email just has to have .edu somewhere in it (mine was, australia)
and im in year 10



yep even secondary. but you will need a school email account

You could ask support. But then you probably will need a screenshot of your student card. So far ik secondary school also gives you a card (for discount at the cinema lel).

I don’t even have a card. :smile: I just have a sort of notebook with absences, timetables, and stuff.

sadly, no cinema discounts

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you just need proof that you are in school, if u have that, you Should be able to ask support for an exception

Even if it’s in French?

I submitted an image of my Norwegian student ID card. I haven’t received an answer yet, but I’ll let you know when I do if you want to. Either way, trying won’t hurt :wink:

even though it’s not an edu domain(funny school, huh) I got it with a .com domain no trouble