Github Problem (Authored by "Greater"?)


Github isn’t being a good sport for me. Every time (bear in mind that I am using the command line) that I push a commit up to my repository it claims to be authored by an arbitrary account named “Greater”. It is the same problem for every repository I make and, even after some research, I cannot find a fix for this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

EDIT: If you like, I could include a screenshot so it becomes more clear what I am rambling about.

Check your git config, could be the local repo or globally.

If you have a GUI it should be easy to find it (On Git for Windows git-gui has Edit->Options)
Otherwise use git config to change it
You can also modify the config directly, local config is {repo}/.git/config and global is ~/.gitconfig

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Open up a command window and run the following commands:

git config --global "<your (display) name>"
git config --global "<[email protected]>"

Also - Git - First-Time Git Setup could be useful.

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@simon816 and @dualspiral, thank you so much for the quick responses! I wouldn’t have known about ‘git config’ if it weren’t for you two :).