Giving Beacon Texture to Sponge

I am trying to change the sponge texture so it is the same as the beacon texture. I made it so the sponge looks like a beacon in my hand, but whenever I place it, the glass looks opaque (see the picture below). Does anyone know how I might resolve this?

(I have very little experience with texture packs)

So back in my day (where texture packs were called texture packs) for a block to have a opaque texture, it needed to be programmed in the engine to support opaque textures. the sponge block is a full block meaning it would not support opaque lighting.

This may have changed in more modern versions of minecraft, if so then you change the colour to invisible within the texture pack (you wont be able to do that with paint, try either Gimp, Paint.Net or photoshop to get the invisible colour)

You’ll need to use a different block that supports transparency.

Minecraft enforces certain policies regarding transparency on a per-block basis to stop x-ray packs from working. This means that if a block isn’t supposed to be seen through, then the game just disregards the transparency and renders it opaque regardless of what the texture is like. There isn’t a way to change this apart from modding the game.

I hope that helps you.

Got it guys, thank you for your response!