Gradle, Maven.... yeah, I'm lost

So I have a plugin using Maven, it’s all fine but how do I install Gradle for Sponge? And is there a Maven repo?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

There is no official Maven repo yet, and Gradle is just a compiler - like Maven.

@Maulss So do I use Gradle instead of Maven?

Use what ever you are comfortable with. Sponge uses Gradle to compile, and unless you will be contributing to the Sponge project there’s no need for you to get used to Gradle unless you want to.

So, to clear this up… I just get an unofficial maven repo and hook it up, then develop?

You can do so if you wish, but I don’t recommend developing yet - There may be vast changes in the API later on.

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If you need an unofficial repo, you can use mine at