Gravatar being strange

For some reason, when I created my account like 20 minutes ago from this post, my avatar didn’t change, and I used my primary email address that’s linked with gravatar as well, cause when I went to change my avatar, it bumped me to my gravatar.

Gravatar not working for me, too.
But I like it, that normal users have no avatars :wink:

The Admins are aware of the issue already. They were talking about it on IRC earlier and it apparently is a caching issue.

Good to know, I was currently getting this issue too.

Your letters look mighty nice imo!


Good to know someone jumped to it. :slight_smile: Thanks. <3
for (int insanity = 0; insanity < Math.PI; insanity++ ) ;

I’ve now nuked the Gravatar cache for all users. Any posts above this point (^^^) should have the Gravatar set as of this post.


Seems to work for me now. I created my account with a non-existing email in Gravatar, and after clearing my browser cache I had the right avatar.

can be closed :wink:

This isn’t an issue tracker lol. We shouldn’t lock posts without a good reason. The issue is resolved now, but what if there is a similar issue in the future and someone wants to add to it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Could someone “nuke it” again? :smile:

aww, cache seems to be broken again :frowning:
Could you deactivate the cache of some sort? At least for avatars.

Will there be a way to have an avatar without gravatar? This Account would be just for this forum, so i would like to avoid it? :slight_smile:

Yep. Looks like we’re all doomed to the colored letters :smiley:

Yes please!

Mine isn’t updating either.

Mine isn’t changing as well…
We need a “Nuke that Gravatar” Button in the preferences! Hahaha :wink:

PS: … those smileys are strange :open_mouth: :smiley: :frowning: :sunny: :goberserk:
I :heartpulse: them

Yeah… still brokeded.

Still broken, but eh, I can do without an avatar for now as long as this gets fixed. :wink:

@blahsd @KyrumX @mickare @daelwolf @BitByte I just fixed your avatars, they should display fine effective on user info reload.