Gregory House M.D

Any of you frisky fellas a fan of House?

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One of the best shows ever :slight_smile:

omg, really? xD

Do not hate on the house

no no, House MD is awesome, just, this is off-off-topic xD (same like anime thread, but it’s k)

There’s no media section so we’re kind of limited. :frowning:

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One of my favorite shows and characters. I have watched the series from beginning to end 5 times. :slight_smile:

I watched the first few seasons, but it is of my opinion that starting with season ~4, it went downhill.


couldn’t agree more @sk89q, I feel like it ended the way it needed to, and the last season was pretty much on par with the first 4, but I found myself feeling like I had watched most of the episodes in 4< before, similar scenarios, similar characters, similar cases, it just felt like they really ran out of ideas. They tried to change it up often, even humanizing House a little bit, but still ultimately returned him to his cynical roots.

I agree. For the most part the show was repetitive. I really enjoyed the seasons with House in the Psych ward and in prison. It seems to take the show out of bounds some, and made it more interesting.

I agree there…The first three seasons were great, but the rest I was just sort of waiting for it to end. :\

i remember watching the first 3 seasons and then stopping since i usually dont touch watching shows other than youtubs at home

i do remember being spoiled of the final season’s finale, though.
damnit, mom.

i enjoyed the show though, and specially House’s character. probably one of my favorites in the few irl (or whatever you call human-acted shows, i usually watch things like anime) shows i’ve seen