Greif Pervention Not Generating Config and disabled!

As the title suggests grief pervention is disbaled and not generating a config file I dont know what to do so can someone help me?

You can specify what build version of GP, which sponge - vanilla or spongeforge – you are using, and which version 1.8.9/ 1.10.2 and which build in particular of (forge and spongeforge) or (spongevanilla) you are using.

Odds are its an incompatabilty the version info will shout out at.

The GP Version is griefprevention-1.8.9-, and spongeforge 1.8.9, the mods are Buycraft,EconomyLite,Greif Pervention, Kits, PEX, Pixelmon, Pixelmon Economy Bridge, Pore(For bukkit plugins), Server ListPlus, Spongeforge, statusprotocol, WorldEdit and the Pore/Bukkit mods are Annoucer, AntiXray, MCLib, ProtocolLib

Pore is dead and the various bukkit plugins you won’t work

I know that that’s why I got rid of it but it still doesn’t work and P.S I’m using the sponge version of grief prevention.

I think he’s referring to this. Pore doesn’t work and hasn’t been updated since API 3.0

I know that it doesn’t work so i got rid of a bunch of plugins including pore and its plugins but it still doesn’t work!

Why not direct your question to the official GP thread?