Grief Prevention Claims Not Working

Hello again, sorry for posting so many things on the sponge support but I’ve been having a lot of problems setting up my Pixelmon Reforged server running GriefPrevention, Luck Perms and Nucleus hosted by Apex Hosting. I am having problems with the GriefPrevention claims. When I make a claim with a chest and expand it, others can break inside the claim without being trusted. The users don’t have any admin griefprevention perms set up so that shouldn’t be possible. Thanks,

Also, sorry if I’m slow to reply sometimes. I will try my best to keep up to date on this post. :slight_smile:

Did you check your claimflags? GP has a handy debug to show what players/blocks have permission to do stuff where, there’s documentation about it on their wiki

Ok, I’ll check that out when I come home from school. I’ll post on here if nothing works.

I’m struggling to find anything about claimflags or the GP wiki because the one I found is basically blank. Any chance you could give me a link? (Sorry for taking ages to reply until the weekend I might be slow because of school)

This is the wiki I use

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

I’m finding it hard to understand. Do you know which command makes it so only the person who owns the claim can edit it?

Under claimflags, basically everything should be false, block-break, all the interact ones, etc.

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried setting everything to false using the /cf and the format it gave us, but nothing worked…

I tried doing it with minecraft:dirt and it says it succeeded but I can still break blocks in my friends claim. I did /claimflags block-break minecraft:dirt false (And even if it did work the wildcard doesn’t) And I used the command /claimflag and copied out the exact line it gave me but changed true to false. /cf block-break minecraft:player minecraft:dirt false