Grief Prevention not working on pixelmon server

I’m using a bunch of plugins on my server and can’t get Grief Prevention to work at all. None of the commands work, but when I check the plugins through the console, it verifies that Grief Prevention is loaded. Also, when I start a pixel event from the PixelEvent mod, my server crashes and a spam of text overloads my console. Please help! Screenshot 2021-02-22 194334

Grief prevention isnt supported anymore as mentioned in a lot of form posts. The original developer moved to Grief Defender.

So it just completely doesn’t work?

Yes. Grief prevention and grief defender dont use just the Sponge API, but also Sponge Common. While Sponge API is guaranteed not to cause incompatibilities between small upgrades (aka 7-7.3). Sponge Common doesn’t have that luxury as it needs to adapt based upon Sponge’s new features as well as any changes Minecraft themselves throw into the mix, not only that but Forge too. Resulting in the latest grief prevention not working on the latest Sponge

Thanks for the help, I guess I just can’t use pixel event or grief defender -_-;

You can use grief defender, just not grief prevention.


Ah i see what happened, i forgot to say while grief prevention isnt on the latest sponge common, grief defender is

I thought there was only grief prevention for sponge?
If there is grief defender for sponge can you please send me a link or something?
btw I appreciate your help a lot

Grief defender jars is a paid for service so im not going to link that, but if you have the knowhow (or want to read up on it) you can make the jar yourself for free using its github.

Do you think you can point me in the direction of how to compile it from github?

You will need a java development kit (JDK) before you get started, while the official one is now paid for, you can get a open source alternative for free.

For the least amount of faffing about, I would recommend a JDK targeting version 8 (sometimes labelled as 1.8) however you can do it with any version higher then 8 too.

  • Download the code from github (click clone then download as zip)
  • extract the zip
  • open a command prompt in the extracted folder
  • type “gradle build” (if your on windows then its “gradlew build”)

Google is your friend.

I get gradlew is not recognized as a command. The command without a “w” works (so just gradle build) but the build fails after about 40 seconds

Whats the build error?