GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


The problem with your request is that GP Sponge is completely different do the original bukkit version in almost every way except naming and basic functionality, not to mention the fact that the APIs are vastly different and the majority of functionality would be impossible to implement without a large amount code that modifies the server code at which point you’re not even running Minecraft at all


is there a way to disable fall damage? because i dont know how to do that. or isn’t that possible?


/cf entity-damage minecraft:player false


Hello, i have GP on my server and for some reason the players can claim but the claim does nothing basically. people can still open their chests and can build on their land is there a fix for this or possibly a perm i cant find?


I have a problem with this mod in administrative areas. If you lift the block (button G), he disappears.


I need help, for some reason when i give accesstrust or containertrust it gives both and block breaking permissions which is really bad for me. how do i fix this. i have the latest version as well


also if there is a discord i can join please add a link to it


That link works for me, its ok we all have special moments


Hi, i did not find any way to define the destination for the spent money when buying claim blocks.
I am using EconomyLite and I like the virtual-account-feature.
so is there currently any way to accomplish that or do you like this idea and would implement it?